Snakey Sue’s Live Snake Encounters

Snakey Sue dancing with Bou 2015Snakey Sue is a well known Snake Dancer based in Harwich, Essex, who also has lifelong experience as a Belly Dancer. Sue runs a Snake Sanctuary for people’s unwanted pet snakes and creates an income for their keep by taking them out to events, educational presentations,    photo shoots, etc. Sue  has taken snakes out to meet the public since 1994 and has run the Snake Sanctuary since 1996.

Are you a snake phobic (Ophidiaphobic)? Why suffer? Sue also runs courses for people to  overcome their fears.

 Conquering your fear is so empowering – people have cried with relief and  deep emotion when overcoming their fear and realising how misunderstood  snakes are.

Here is a piece by Andy Naylor, previously ophidiaphobic, being cured of his phobia by Snakey Sue!

A brave young man wearing my young Boas as a hat!

A brave young man wearing my young Boas as a hat!

Available for

Corporate functions, themed events, private bookings, cabaret shows, nightclubs, photos shoots, TV programs, community events, children’s parties, educational visits to schools, fêtes, snake parties, childrens holiday clubs and team-building.

Sue regrets that the sanctuary is full for now and the immediate future, she still has 30 snakes to care for and is not able to take in anymore. She receives 3 to 4 calls and emails per week to take in peoples unwanted snakes so has set up a group page on Facebook called Reptile Rehoming UK  you need to apply to join the group then photos and info of the reptile/s can be placed on there.

Snakey Sue and Ra

Snakey Sue and Ra

All of the rescue snakes are kept at Sue’s home, many people like to come to visit and meet them. 

Sue has worked on all these TV shows as a Belly Dancer, Snake Dancer or Snake Handler:  Granada,  Anglia,  Sky and Cable Live TV,  UK Living,  BBC’s Eastenders,  Channel 4-Red Velvet, Sky Animal Planet-Animal Crackers, Channel 5-feature news,  ITV London’s “Kiss Your Boss Good-bye”  C4’s – The Salon,  C4’s – 3 minute wonder (check it out on YouTube),  C5’s – The Wright Stuff,  BBC – The One Show,  Britain’s Got Talent,  BBC’s “Bang Goes The Theory”, South Korean TV, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Animal Saints and Sinners; there may be others she can’t remember

More information on the Snake Sanctuary

For more information or to contact Sue: Telephone: 01255 722 326 / Mobile: 07715 041846

Email to: sue@snakeysue.com

If you need more information about snake dance shows, children’s parties, educational school visits, the snake sanctuary, or anything featured on this site, please complete our online form.

Sue is a member of Equity which qualifies her for public liability; she has a licence to take her snakes out into the public and a risk assessment. These documents are available on request via email.

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