Local nursery visit

Local nursery visit – We were invited to take a few snakes to Wix and Wrabness nursery for an fun, educational visit. 

It was a pleasure to have so much help from teachers and parents helping to handle the snakes and show them to the children.

It’s a good idea to get children used to meeting different types of wild creatures so that they don’t have unnecessary fears in the future.

So many people call Sue when they find a slow worm (legless lizard) in their gardens because they lack knowledge of indigenous wildlife.

Sue has created a board with photos of the snakes that are wild in the UK so that I can teach children what to expect to see in the wild or even in the garden.


Snake phobias overcome at NFTS

Snake phobias overcome at NFTS: we visited The National Film and Television School at Beaconsfield where Jenny Kuznetsova was running a short film on snake phobia, quite a few people overcame their fears some just wanted a snake snuggle with Bou one of our Albino Burmese Pythons:





The testimonial page has just had an update of emails going back to 2012!! Go look there.

Lots more time to update the website  since no face book 🙂

After spraining her ankle 11th July Sue had a few gigs to do, but she never likes to let anyone down so she managed to commandeer different drivers to drive her to events, we did the last Music in the Park, we have been taking the snakes there for 10yrs running! A talk, presentation at Leigh on Sea U3A – testimonial below – on the same day we visited a brownies group in Woodford and our regular annual visit to a Summer Holiday Activity Group in Finchley, London.

Sue had lots of plans to run two or three local, fundraising events but the ankle said no chance, so looking forward to running them when all is healed once more.

The ankle is improving, although it seems like an age, caring for the 50+ plus snakes hasn’t been an easy task either especially when there was a turnover of volunteers and for a couple of weeks there was no help!!


Can I thank you, both personally and on behalf of our group, for the talk you gave us recently.  It must have been particularly difficult with your injured ankle.  Thank you for taking the time to do this and not cancelling the event.

 I have received many favourable remarks about your speech and the style in which you delivered the information.  I was astonished how you managed to get so many of the audience involved with your pets.

I hope we can arrange to have you speak at another event in the future

Thanks again for providing such a entertaining and informative speech.

Kind Regards  David Shakespear

Snake Encounter Birthday parties

Snake encounter birthday parties – lots of fun for children and adults often meeting snakes often for the first time.

People are frequently quite amazed at what a fascinating experience it is to meet a snake, so much negative press instils unnecessary fear into people.

Our educational presentations teach a huge amount about snakes for the first 20mins. and that helps the process of eliminating fear before the snakes are introduced.

Many people mistakenly believe that all snakes are venomous when very few types of snake are and we don’t keep any of those. When people find out that our snakes are constrictors, they then imagine they are going to strangle us, snakes do not strangle their prey they constrict which means they need to wrap their whole body around their prey and they will usually only constrict prey items of the correct size, we are too large to be prey items, besides it seems that snakes aren’t the unintelligent creatures that people think they are, for instance they know who I am – their carer and will often reach out to come back to me when someone else is holding them. They also get to know the volunteers and will like to be with them.

We teach people how to interact with the snakes and not to allow them to wrap tightly around the neck as they may wrap too tightly because they do not want to fall or are picking up nervous energy from the person which in turn can create nervous tension within the snake.

Snakes are very aware of the energy of the person attempting to handle them, if a person is nervous they may pick up on that energy and not want to stay, calm people find it easy to handle a snake and the snake will find it soothing to be with such a person.

They are most tolerant of being handled by children as you can see in the photos below:

WP_20160625_15_37_00_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_48_20_Pro WP_20160625_15_38_03_Pro WP_20160625_15_36_38_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_25_08_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_24_25_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_24_06_Pro WP_20160625_15_15_29_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_14_30_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_13_56_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_13_48_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_13_28_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_12_58_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_12_18_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_12_02_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_11_49_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_53_31_Pro_LI WP_20160625_15_46_53_Pro_LI rosa and rosie



Dovercourt Skating Rink live snake event

Dovercourt Skating Rink live snake event was not as busy as usual but plenty of fun was had by the folks that did turn up.

We will do another event there, probably an outside one in the warm weather where people can see what goes on, also lots more advertising of the event.

We ran three separate hourly sessions as we do at schools. An event like this one has the educational element, a talk first to inform everyone about the sanctuary, the snakes and what to expect when they are handled. Everyone also gets to see hatched snake eggs, to see and touch shed snakeskins and to see the skin from the largest snake that lives in the sanctuary, he is 9ft long and weighs 20kls!

Large outside events don’t have the talk element so sometimes people don’t know what to expect when they handle the snakes, although we do have many volunteers at these events to show people how to be with the snakes and help them with any fears they may have.

Snakes put a smile on peoples’ faces as you can see in photos below……………………

WP_20160601_11_36_43_Pro_LI WP_20160601_11_37_13_Pro_LI WP_20160601_11_52_03_Pro_LI WP_20160601_11_55_39_Pro WP_20160601_11_56_38_Pro_LI WP_20160601_11_57_19_Pro_LI WP_20160601_11_58_56_Pro_LI WP_20160601_12_34_50_Pro WP_20160601_12_35_06_Pro_LI WP_20160601_12_35_20_Pro_LI WP_20160601_12_46_04_Pro_LI WP_20160601_13_33_28_Pro_LI WP_20160601_13_44_45_Pro_LI WP_20160601_13_44_54_Pro_LI WP_20160601_13_44_59_Pro WP_20160601_13_45_42_Pro_LI WP_20160601_13_50_59_Pro_LI

Snake Encounters at Dovercourt Skate Rink – 1st June

Snake Encounters at Dovercourt Skate Rink, 1st June 2016 – Lower Marine Parade,CO12 3ST – sessions are 11am to 12noon, 12noon to 1pm and 1pm to 2pm. £7.50 per person
Talk presentations plus handling snakes, only 15 persons per session – to book ring: 01255 551296

Kimba pictured below will be helping out with handling as well as one other volunteer and one of the albino pythons will also be there 🙂


IMG_3317 (2)

Snake Encounters for local youth club

Snake Encounters for local youth club – The Hub

Here are some photos taken on our visit: Kimba and Ella in the first photos were helping.

Sorry the photos are in a mess, I’ve no idea how to set them out in WordPress.

IMG_3303 (2) IMG_3313 (2)
IMG_3317 (2) IMG_3319 (2) IMG_3320 (2) IMG_3321 (2)IMG_3311 (2)IMG_3322 (2)IMG_3314 (2)IMG_3312 (2) IMG_3310 (2) IMG_3306 (2) IMG_3305 (2) IMG_3304 (2)

Visitors to the Sanctuary

IMG_3282 (2) IMG_3283 (2) IMG_3284 IMG_3285 (2) IMG_3286 (2) IMG_3287 IMG_3288 (2) IMG_3289 (2) IMG_3291 (2) IMG_3294 (2) IMG_3295 (2) Visitors to the Sanctuary come for two


Because they love snakes and want to have a wonderful experience meeting them and interacting with them.


Because they wish to overcome an unnecessary fear of snakes.

When people come to visit, education comes first and foremost, once the visitors know how the snake senses its world, what to expect from a snake and how to be with them, they get to meet the smallest of our snakes, Kenyan Sand Boas, the males are particularly small and cute and obviously cannot be a threat to the top predator (humans). Once visitors are comfortable with handling the Sand Boas, they can meet a Corn snake or two, very different as they are so much longer and it can best to wrap them across your shoulders unless they curl up in your hands and around your wrists, Corn snakes are actually often more difficult to hold than the next size snake that can be handled, Royal Pythons, as these snakes often don’t move as much and are quite happy to rest over the shoulders or be held like a baby in your arms but they are quite a bit larger in the body.

Rainbow Boas, large Boas and Pythons are the climax of the visit with lots of photo opportunities.

Visitors can stay two hours – our fee is £50

Wyanita and her cousin came to visit recently, her cousin was rather afraid to begin with but soon overcame her fear.

IMG_3299 (2)

Special Needs Holiday Club

Special Needs Holiday Club review:
The snakes entertained autistic children at their Holiday Club at the Norwwod Centre, Ilford, Essex for the half term in February, here is the review:

“Snakey Sue was fantastic! Very good and understanding with our kids. Some of them even conquered their fear of snakes which was amazing. And I think some of our staff are guilty of spending a bit too much time with the snakes themselves! It was a great workshop thank you very much!”

Clacton 5th Cubs and Scouts

Clacton 5th Cubs and Scouts enjoyed snake encounters on the 24th Feb 2016, my latest young helper Kimba  came along to assist with the snakes,She’s the first pic wearing her Snakey Sue’s Serpent Sanctuary polo shirt.

Richard Woodfield who booked for the event had this to say:

“Hi Sue, thank you and your assistant so much for bringing your snakes to our recent Cub & Scout meeting.

Your presentation and demonstrations were ‘spot on’ and we all found it very informative.

Everyone enjoyed being so close with the snakes and finding out so much about them.

I’m sure that they’ll remember our snake evening for a long time!

If it’s OK with you? …… I’ll be including a short report about our meeting in the next edition of our Scout District Newsletter in a couple of months’ time, with your contact details etc.. Please let me know that this will be OK”

Below are some photos of the event:

DSC_1204 (2) DSC_1205 (2) DSC_1206 (2) DSC_1207 (2) DSC_1208 (2) DSC_1209 (2) DSC_1210 (2) DSC_1211 (2) DSC_1212 (2) DSC_1213 (2) DSC_1214 (2) DSC_1215 (2)