Would you like to try moving or even dancing with a snake?!

Working with Lizzie the carpet Python

Working with Lizzie the carpet Python

Sue has been dancing with snakes since 1994; she was the premier snake dancer in London and beyond for 10 years and many younger dancers are now following in her footsteps.

Sue has danced with many different types of snakes; she realised early on that just one snake cannot always be available for performances, as they have their own life agenda meaning they cannot always be taken out. So Sue had a collection of different snakes; her first dancing partner was Mamba the Indigo snake and he taught her a lot about movement. Later she used Boa Constrictors which are completely different to work with, Rainbow Boas, Pythons, even the smaller Corn snakes, which can be used on the arms and wrists.

A young lady practising with Ozzie and Jack

A young lady with Ozzie and Jack

Sue has been a Belly dancer and a yoga practitioner all of her adult life which has helped with her strength and flexibility, but the movement and slower style of music used to work with a snake taught her even more than she thought possible.

Snakes teach us how to move, we must allow them the pleasure of being with us without trying to control their movement too much. When a snake knows you well, he/she will want to stay with you and they are part of you when you move together.

Sue can teach privately, or in small groups, to anyone who would like to learn to move or dance with a snake!

She's having fun

She’s having fun

Fees for individual private lessons on handling and dancing with a snake are £75 for the first session and £50 for each subsequent session of one hour. All proceeds go to caring for the snakes at the sanctuary. In the first session we discuss the needs of the snakes and which snakes are suitable for working with, before the actual snake handling begins.

Snake dancing/handling/charming is very specialised – the needs of the snake/s always come first.

Sue dancing with Ra - 10ft long and weighing 18kgs!

Sue dancing with Ra – 10ft long and weighing 18kgs!


Working with a Boa, Royal Python and a Corn Snake

Working with a Boa, Royal Python and a Corn Snake


Working with Royal Pythons

Working with Royal Pythons