Snake Dancer

How on earth did Sue become a snake dancer?

Well, she started keeping snakes as pets, and over the years agents had often enquired if she used them within her dance performance. So as her collection of SnakeDance1snakes grew larger (along with the size of their bodies), she decided to work with them whilst dancing and at parties.

What an improvement the snakes made to Sue’s dancing!! Their slow, sinuous, sensual, sybaritic, slinky, sophisticated, sympathetic, serene, smooth, suave, svelte, swanky, swaying, swerving, soothing, movements taught her an immense amount about control, her moves will never be as great as theirs, but she can try. She had to learn to control her body much more than ever before, because their welfare was and is paramount and how they felt/feel – was/is more important than even the audience!!

She had to totally lose her ego to these wonderful beings and allow them to show her movement at its best; they have been the best tutors she have ever experienced in all of her dancing life.

She now takes in rescues too and has created a snake sanctuary. They work together allaying public fears; her snakes are ambassadors, showing how affable and harmless they really are towards people, in fact they are the most tolerant beings you could wish to meet and perfectly charming.

Her snake dance performance with snakes is original, created by her snakes. Her partner, George has created a mysterious piece of music for the snake dance; 1020012once heard never forgotten.

When snake charming she may bring one, two, three or four!! She can bring smaller snakes for people to pet at meet and greet and save the larger snake for a dance performance later.

Young dancers often email her asking how to dance with their snake. Simply allow your snake to teach you, is her answer; feel the experience through your   snake and enjoy 🙂

She usually has approx. 60 snakes in her care and they have their own agenda i.e. sloughing or having just eaten a large dinner(!), so she chooses the snake/s that feel like going out on the day/night of the event.

Sue can bring up to 6 snakes for a “Meet & Greet” or “Snake Walkabout” which are usually up to two hours.

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Check out Sue and some of her snakes on YouTube and a video of a recent Snake Dance


Sue has a license for performing with her snakes.