Invite Snakey Sue & her friends to your school, fete, or other event.

For a long time, snakes have been extremely misunderstood animals; they have had undeservedly bad press and are the most inoffensive of creatures. Snakey Sue would like to address this imbalance by introducing children and adults alike to them through “Snake Encounters”.

We are regularly out and about – here are some pictures from the recent Forest Gate Festival!

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Heavy Petting: Snake / Snakey Sue

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Snake Encounter Suggested Programme:

Snake meet and greet with 4 smaller snakes a cabaret performance with a large Snake then more snake encounters or snake charming!!

Cabaret performance with Snake, followed by Snake Encounters .

Snake Encounters can be with 4 handlers and 12 snakes or more!!

For fêtesfamily fun-days and other similar events, two or more extra volunteers come along to help handle the snakes as we often bring 20 or more! Snakes work hard, get tired and hot, so we need to swap them around after an hour and a half of working.

Usually we are paid to appear as an attraction although we can create income by being set up in a space and charging an entrance fee, this works well for 40min educational presentations.

Photo Shoots and TV appearances:

Other Events

Even Nell McAndrew enjoyed a visit from Sue’s snakes!!

This was a photo shoot for a magazine. Having so many snakes means there are always plenty available for photo opportunities.

Sue can arrange her snakes a little better than shown in this photo – the boy Boas were very excited to meet Nell!!

We are an unregistered charity and need to create an income to keep the snakes; their electricity, food and vet bills are extremely high. The snakes don’t mind working for a living, but do need to be paid.