Invite Snakey Sue & her friends to your school or fête. For a long time, snakes have been extremely misunderstood animals; they have had undeservedly bad press and are the most inoffensive of creatures. Snakey Sue would like to address this imbalance by introducing children and adults alike to Snakes.  Book them for “Special Needs” you will be amazed at the reaction of the children, much to peoples disbelief snakes are calming and therapeutic – many adults have picked up ideas of snakes from the media, when children meet snakes they love them don’t spoil it for the children because of your own unenlightenment.

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Can you spot the snake in this picture?Schools

FUN and EDUCATION with snakes at school. These visits create a new dimension to a child’s experience. Sue will answer everyone’s questions and break down all those myths about snakes, created by bad press and media hype. Science Week, Wild Week, Nature Week; call it what you like, Sue and her snakes will make it a fun week. Do you know if snakes have ears? Sue does and much more.

Snake encounters are popular for Parents Evenings, the children drag the parents along so they can see the snakes, it makes sense!!


Your event will be the talk of the town if you book Sue and her snakes. Frightened or not, everyone is fascinated by snakes. Sue has also been a professional Belly Dancer for 25 years so she certainly knows the ropes when it comes to entertainment. She can bring fun, education and entertainment to your event. Sue needs snake friendly volunteers for this type of event; please call if you’re interested in helping out.

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Some of our School Visit Testimonials – see more here!

Our pupils enjoyed your presentations as part of our environmental study week. The children found out lots of interesting information about snakes, their life cycle, feeding patterns and habitat. The highlight for all our classes was the opportunity to to touch and hold the snakes you brought to show us. You provided a memorable moment in an enjoyable week.
Mrs Knight – Newport Infant School, Leyton, E10

Many thanks. The children really enjoyed the shows.
Stapleford Abbotts Primary School, Essex

Snakey Sue, thanks for three great weeks – it was really great. From all the staff at
“Fun Movement” (special needs)

I would like to say many thanks to you and your assistant for helping to make our family day so exciting. We have had so many people mention how much fun it was to see and play with the snakes. Once again, thank you for your services and hope we can do business again.
Karen Daniels – DLA