More Testimonials from our educational visits to schools, cubs, brownies, fun days and other groups:

Our pupils enjoyed your presentations as part of our environmental study week. The children found out lots of interesting information about snakes, their life cycle, feeding patterns and habitat. The highlight for all our classes was the opportunity to to touch and hold the snakes you brought to show us. You provided a memorable moment in an enjoyable week.
Mrs Knight – Newport Infant School, Leyton, E10.

Many thanks. The children really enjoyed the shows.
Stapleford Abbotts Primary School, Essex.

Snakey Sue, thanks for three great weeks – it was really great.
From all the staff at “Fun Movement” (special needs).

I would like to say many thanks to you and your assistant for helping to make our family day so exciting. We have had so many people mention how much fun it was to see and play with the snakes. Once again, thank you for your services and hope we can do business again.
Karen Daniels – DLA

Hi Sue, Thank you for your visit in Gayhurst. It was a great success and the children still talk about it. We would like you to come to visit the reception class for another double session. I’ll write or call when I know when. Thanks again.
Inbar – Gayhurst Primary School, Hackney.

What Ofsted said after a visiting Gayhurst Primary School Hackney – “During the time of the inspection, opportunities to handle live snakes made a very positive contribution to children’s language and personal development.”

Hi there Sue,   Thought I’d write a quick thank you mail. The children really enjoyed your visit and seemed to have a lot of their fears about snakes quashed. We also got in the Ilford Recorder! Once again thank you for coming along to our school. Best wishes.
Mr Spriddle (Science Subject Leader)

Sue. Thank you for Tuesday evening, all the brownies thought it was a the best night ever. I was quite surprised that by the end of the evening nearly everyone had lost their fear of the snakes. Many thanks once again.
Sheila and all the brownies

Hi Sue, just a quick note to say thanks for a great day. The kids are still full of talk about the snakes. It really sparked something in them and gave them a day to remember.

Hi Sue, Thank you so much for bring your snakes to Stewards School yesterday. All of the students enjoyed seeing and handling your beautiful snakes. They have written the following comments:

I thought that Snakey Sue and her snakes were:

  • “Brilliant! Really good. I now like snakes” by Alice Turrell (7DS)
  • “Great” by Hannah Millar (8OA)
  • “Excellent! Thanks for coming and telling us of snakes” by Harrison Taylor (9RP)
  • “Really interesting and their skins were soft!” by Shanice Watkins (8CW)
  • “Interesting and enjoyable” by Andrew Cooper (9)
  • “Scary” by Alex Grove (7MM)
  • “Snakalishos, good” by Gemma and Charlotte (7AK)
  • “The snakes were wicked! I loved holding and touching them” by Amy Schilder (7JH)
  • “Fantastic” by Jake Hannam (7CAS)
  • “I thought they were wicked” by Stephanie Sinclair
  • “It was great but scary at first but then I got used to them!“ by Maisie Taylor (8AMG)
  • “The snakes were really cool. I loved handling them. They’re really sweet I wish I could do it again because it’s really really good” by Sophie Hamilton (7TMG)
  • “Fantastic! Loved the time with the snakes” by Lauren Wright (7TMG)

As you can see, a great time was had by all, including the staff! Thank you again
Geraldine, Science Curriculum Development Co-ordinator, Stewards School.

Hi Sue

Please find feedback below.

Snakey Sue was fantastic! Very good and understanding with our kids. Some of them even conquered their fear of snakes which was amazing. And I think some of our staff are guilty of spending a bit too much time with the snakes themselves! It was a great workshop thank you very much!

Kind regards

Ruth Gordon
Managing Director

Hi Sue, thank you and your assistant so much for bringing your snakes to our recent Cub & Scout meeting.

Your presentation and demonstrations were ‘spot on’ and we all found it very informative.

Everyone enjoyed being so close with the snakes and finding out so much about them.

I’m sure that they’ll remember our snake evening for a long time!

If it’s OK with you? …… I’ll be including a short report about our meeting in the next edition of our Scout District Newsletter in a couple of months’ time, with your contact details etc.. Please let me know that this will be OK.

Thanks & regards, Richard Woodfield.

Hi Sue,
I have been trying to leave some feedback on your site but couldn’t find an option to do so… so thought I’d email you instead.
I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience with your snakes! You came round my house on Saturday 28th June, as birthday present from my borther and his wife. My mum, husband, brother and his wife were also there, and we all had such a wonderful time playing with the snakes and learning more about them!
I never knew snakes could be so friendly, fun and therapeutic. I have always wanted to handle snakes properly and get a chance to just have fun with them in a relaxed environment, so I think the service you provide is an excellent idea!
My favourite was Silka, but the other ones were lovely too 🙂
I also really admire all the work you do to rescue these poor snakes and provide them with a loving home in your sanctuary. I have posted all the photos we took on Facebook and I will most definitely be recommending you to any friends/family who are also interested in a great snake experience!
All the best,
Dear Sue
Just to say thank you to you and your team for the excellent work you did on Saturday.  Two children told their aunt that it was the best day they had ever had!  Both adults and children were entralled by the variety of snakes you brought with you.
Overall we raised £535.00 for Christian Aid so many thanks for all your hard work
Kind regards
        Hi Sue, thank you for yesterday. It is truly special to be able to snuggle with snakes. They are gorgeous and it was great to see the children so               enthusiastic. Sorry some of them found it hard to behave. All in all, a great success. Thank you very much. Best,

Dear Sue,

Thank you for all your hard work on Friday. Thank you also for staying for the Science fair. The children really enjoyed handling the snakes. The snakes were one of the higlights of our science week.

Thank you so much,



I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the Grazebrook PSA.  We had a very successful fair and very positive feedback on your contribution.  Thank you and your helpers for making it a really great fair.

Best wishes Tom

Hi Sue
the kids are still buzzing from your visit and the parents were impressed at our transition meeting with regards the great science work.
I’ve attached some photos and will send some more later on.
would really appreciate it  you would send me a small snake skin in the post  for our wall display ?
Best regards
Hi Sue,

Just a quick email to thank you for Saturday.  Everyone at the party thought that you and your snakes were great!

It was informative and entertaining for the children and the adults alike.  I am sure that you will get some bookings in this area as a result of Saturday – a bit closer to home for you.

Thank you again,

With regards,


Hi Sue,

I thought I’d quickly say thank you so much for Saturday, the boys (and the Mums and Dads) all really enjoyed it!  Frank said it was the best party he’s ever had……so once again thanks and we’ll see you soon!!
Kind regards
‘The children and youths at SPY Club, thoroughly enjoyed the evening when you came to visit us with your snakes. They were amazed how many you brought along and how they were able to get up close and handle all your slithering friends. Many thanks for a wonderful, hands-on, educational evening! Tom – SPY Club Leader’ 

Letter from Stepping Stones Nursery – Microsoft Word .doc

Letter from Ilford Jewish Primary School – Microsoft Word .doc