Dovercourt Skating Rink live snake event

Dovercourt Skating Rink live snake event was not as busy as usual but plenty of fun was had by the folks that did turn up.

We will do another event there, probably an outside one in the warm weather where people can see what goes on, also lots more advertising of the event.

We ran three separate hourly sessions as we do at schools. An event like this one has the educational element, a talk first to inform everyone about the sanctuary, the snakes and what to expect when they are handled. Everyone also gets to see hatched snake eggs, to see and touch shed snakeskins and to see the skin from the largest snake that lives in the sanctuary, he is 9ft long and weighs 20kls!

Large outside events don’t have the talk element so sometimes people don’t know what to expect when they handle the snakes, although we do have many volunteers at these events to show people how to be with the snakes and help them with any fears they may have.

Snakes put a smile on peoples’ faces as you can see in photos below……………………

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