Snake Encounter Birthday parties

Snake encounter birthday parties – lots of fun for children and adults often meeting snakes often for the first time.

People are frequently quite amazed at what a fascinating experience it is to meet a snake, so much negative press instils unnecessary fear into people.

Our educational presentations teach a huge amount about snakes for the first 20mins. and that helps the process of eliminating fear before the snakes are introduced.

Many people mistakenly believe that all snakes are venomous when very few types of snake are and we don’t keep any of those. When people find out that our snakes are constrictors, they then imagine they are going to strangle us, snakes do not strangle their prey they constrict which means they need to wrap their whole body around their prey and they will usually only constrict prey items of the correct size, we are too large to be prey items, besides it seems that snakes aren’t the unintelligent creatures that people think they are, for instance they know who I am – their carer and will often reach out to come back to me when someone else is holding them. They also get to know the volunteers and will like to be with them.

We teach people how to interact with the snakes and not to allow them to wrap tightly around the neck as they may wrap too tightly because they do not want to fall or are picking up nervous energy from the person which in turn can create nervous tension within the snake.

Snakes are very aware of the energy of the person attempting to handle them, if a person is nervous they may pick up on that energy and not want to stay, calm people find it easy to handle a snake and the snake will find it soothing to be with such a person.

They are most tolerant of being handled by children as you can see in the photos below:

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