Wanstead – Music in the Park

Wanstead – Music in the Park:  We have run our snake encounters for approx 10yrs at this event the first one Sue also performed a snake dance.

The organisers have decided that this year will be the last, they say the red tape is getting worse each year.

The snakes will miss it as it gives them the opportunity to breathe some air, smell trees and grass, just  to experience the great outdoors gives them so much pleasure.

Lets hope that we can get a similar event in North Essex or Suffolk in the future.

We will also miss it financially as we have always been looked after. Sue won’t miss the packing up of the car and the long drive back to where we used to live.

Sue twisted her ankle badly a week before so the driving was done by George her better half, Stacey, Kimba, Sue’s Son Reece and his lady friend Helen all came along to help although Stacey also had a foot problem so we managed to squeeze in two folding chairs this year and some crutches, couldn’t miss the last one. 🙂

Kimba is snuggling our biggest Boa Constrictor “Dobi,” these events are great for him as they are usually the only time he gets out, he weighs 18 kilos so is a bit heavy for Sue to manage alone.

People overcome their fears, learn lots about snakes and have plenty of fun.

Photos as usual:

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