Snake work

Snake work:

Our only way of creating funds for the sanctuary is by taking them out to work.

There are lots of plus’s:

  • Snakes get more stimulation than they can get in their vivariums
  • In the Summer months at outside events they can experience the outside world and breath fresh air.
  • People of all ages learn lots about snakes that they didn’t  know before.
  • People overcome their fears and phobias.
  • People find out that contrary to popular belief snakes are actually therapeutic to handle.
  • Children have lots of fun meeting the snakes.

Some photos at a outdoor brownie event at Chigwell Row, featuring big Dobi our largest Boa Constrictor

This our second year at this event, we are already booked for next year.

The snakes, Sue and all the volunteers love this type of event.