Events and parties in London are from £220, we live 100 miles away from London


  • We can bring snakes for any age group to snuggle just for fun or phobia busting – up to 10 people present for 90 mins. we find that people enjoy meeting the snakes so much that less time doesn’t work well. Sue always talks about the snakes before handling time, to explain how they sense their environment, what to expect and how to handle them for the best experience – from £100 – weekdays only – larger groups of more people – £150
  • Children’s parties £150 for up to 90mins and £50 for each consecutive hour – we usually bring 8/10 snakes – for up to 20 children (more can be catered for but the experience may not be so individual for each child) and extra adult help is required.
  • Celebratory adult or mixed age group parties of any amount of people from £150.
  • Photo shoots from £150; London photo shoots from £220.
  • Scouts, guides, cubs, brownies, beaver meetings etc. are half price i.e. from £75, only weekdays.  If the group is very small and local we can usually work out a special price alternatively, if two or three groups club together on one night to spread the cost.
  • Local Schools: £2 per child – comfortably we can run 6/8 classes throughout the day according to the age groups. To run the presentations we need at least 30mins for reception classes and 40mins for older children.
  • Local Nurseries: from £60 for an hour.
  • Fundays and fetes from £300 for up to 3hrs. Snakes get tired and hot when handled so longer hours means bringing more snakes usually 20 so that they can be swapped, we will usually bring up to 4 volunteers to help people handle them. When funds are needed for a school fete, charity etc. we can be contained in one area and a charge can be made to help pay for our fee.
  • We can visit a fete or fun day 2 people with just 4/6 snakes for one hour – £150.
  • We don’t handle money at fetes and fun-days, only snakes.
  • Parents evenings at schools are also very popular, the children drag their parents to school –  £150 for the evening approx 8/10 snakes.
  • LOCAL Belly/Snake dance performances – £150 – plus meet the snake/s – 60mins an extra £50.
  • Unless an extra assistant is booked, costs to be arranged – extra snake friendly adult/s are always helpful when children are being entertained.
  • Visiting the Sanctuary – we charge £40 to visit for fun and photos, we can accommodate up to 4 people, visitors usually stay for 2 to 3 hours and are able to handle 3 or 4 different types of snake.
  • Phobia Busting visits to the Sanctuary for are charged at £25 per hour per person, some people get over their fears very quickly others take longer, so we can’t specify a particular time limit.
  • Travel, parking and congestion charges are all extra and will be arranged prior to booking.
  • Fees for individual private lessons on handling and dancing with a snake are £75 for the first session and £50 for each subsequent session of one hour. All proceeds go to caring for the snakes at the sanctuary. In the first session we discuss the needs of the snakes and which snakes are suitable for working with, before the actual snake handling begins.