Sue has many homeless snakes to look after, but they are ready and willing to work for their keep; they are friendly, non-venomous and non-aggressive. They love to be out and about, keeping company with people. Please book them now so that they can keep their heating on, tummies full and help pay their vets fees.

There is no arrangement with a shop to take in rescues as they come in, all rescues are cared for at the sanctuary until they are deemed healthy enough to be re-homed. If they cannot be re-homed they will live out their lives at the sanctuary.

If you are interested in making a donation to the Sanctuary you can do so via PayPal – Thank You!


There is a £40 administration fee for any snake re-homed, although there is a reduction of £10 if snakes are re-homed together or by the same person.

At Sue’s new home she has a Coach house with upstairs and downstairs so there’s lots more room but it is already full, 

Visits to the Sanctuary –  visitors will be able to handle any of our friendly snakes and take photos.

For prices visit our prices page.

We have a four Boa Constrictors that could do with new forever homes but only for seasoned reptile keepers the first is Moses (in the green bowl), he can be unpredictable although he has always been handled he was born in 2008, the second is Lexi (head in her water bowl, not fully grown yet and needs loving attention), below Lexi is Kaa, Kaa has very beautiful colouring and is fully grown no idea how old he is and he also needs loving attention. Coiled around Sue’s had is Bubs born in 2015, Bubs has gone out on events and been handled by children with no problems.


Moses (7)















click to download  Corn snake care sheet


Sue and a few supporters have now set up a voluntary group: “HERP”  Herpetological Educational Rescue Project 

Sue has managed to spend £30,000 on the new Snake House she’s hoping to get funding through “HERP” to help get the snakes into new vivaria.

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