Bio Active vivariums

Snakey Sue’s Serpent Sanctuary:

2016 was a busy year working in the Sanctuary.


All of the substrates in the vivariums were made bio active.

We purchased 24 slabs of coir, 8 bags of  top soil and two bags of play-sand plus tropical springtails, tropical woodlouse. We had a continual box of soaked coir on the go, to mix with the other ingredients.

Leaf litter came free and included some of our own woodlouse.

Sue  set up a plastic box to breed the insects and it has been very successful.

The aroma in the vivs is so much better – like the forest.

Dobi our largest Boa shed his skin and it was being munched up by the wood louse so it was left it in for them to finish off, still need to check for toilets especially with the larger snakes but any residue will be cleaned up by the insects so its make caring for the 50 snakes so much easier.


Rose and Bou

A video of Rose and Bou’s home two 500 watt heaters to keep them warm and two baths, lots of room to climb and stretch.


As we still have 50 snakes to care for and not much chance of rehoming the larger ones we have decided to create spaces that are large enough for them to climb about. Rose and Bou are lucky that they have their room but to create another space for the large male Boa Constrictors meant making a large hole between the two 7ft vivariums with a branch for them to climb about. Dobi the 9ft x 20 kilo boy needs a giant box for a bath so that takes up a lot of space in the bottom viv now that there is access to the top vivarium I placed BoBo in with Dobi and Moses. BoBo was the last Boa to come and live in the sanctuary  –  there’s not enough space for any more.


We will try to work on some of the other vivariums to give the other residents more room, they live in 4 x 2s, 5 x 2 and 6 x 2 but I would still like them to have more space to roam.