Traveling with snakes

I was contacted by someone who wanted me to rehome her Cornsnake, he was 14yrs old, the reason was that the person was relocating a long distance drive away, as I travel often with my snakes I offered assistance on how to take her snake with her.

  1. Pack the snake into a pillow slip which it’s best to twist at the top turn over and tie around, this will prevent the snake escaping. Tied T shirt or even a continental quilt cover for a larger snake.
  2. Place the wrapped  snake into a plastic box with holes in or a cardboard box ( I use baskets ) as the snake isn’t used to traveling put a small piece of it’s furniture in the b0x or some substrate so that there is a smell of its home nearby, obviously nothing too heavy.
  3. The warmth in the car should be enough without extra heat ( I usually set my car temp at 21c which is not too hot for me but warm enough for snakes of any type for a short time) but a “warm” water bottle and a flask of hot water to top up in case the car becomes cold if you are leaving the car for any length of time i.e. stopping for refreshments. This can be placed in the box with the wrapped snake it’s important that the water bottle isn’t too hot!

When I moved with all the snakes in the sanctuary it was December and it was snowing! I bought lots of hot water bottles for them and when we arrived at our new home it wasn’t possible to unpack them all that night so we just heated the actual room that all the boxes were in until the next day when we needed to put all the vivariums back together and set them up.

I hope this is of some assistance for others who may need to travel with their snake/s.