School visits

School visits are very exciting and informative for pupils.

We teach many things science,  pupils are encouraged to ask questions and one of the questions is, can the snakes breathe through their bags that we carry them in? So we need to explain the difference between woven material and plastic, plastic is such a common thing in our world now that this fact is often forgotten.

We teach children about the shedding of the snake skin and how similar this is to our own skin sloughing and the fact that our hair sheds and is dead matter once it does.

Although we are mainly science based some geography comes into the conversation as the snakes come from different parts of the world so the children are asked if they know where certain countries are that the snakes come from and if they can guess where they may come from, what the weather is like there because snakes cannot regulate their own temperature we need to keep them as warm as the their country of origin.

We also teach them about our own indigenous varieties of snake, the grass snake with its distinctive yellow and black collar, the adder or viper with its zig zag pattern all the way down its body, the tiny smooth snake and the slow worm which is interesting as it looks like a snake but is a lizard, so we teach about the differences.

Below are some photos of Harwich Community Primary School pupils and teachers learning about snakes and many other things.


youtube snake encounters

youtube snake encounters: I have uploaded a few short short videos of snake encounters onto you tube these are of children at a parent teachers evening enjoying meeting and handling the snakes click on my youtube link to see them.
The snakes at parent teachers evening is a big draw for the children who of course encourage their parents to come along.
I have also uploaded a video of the upstairs and downstairs of the snake sanctuary.


Childrens Snake Party in May

Childrens Party photos, I didn’t have this blog site up and running in May and just came across these lovely photos.  Here you can see how much the children enjoy handling the snakes they are given a lot of freedom with them, I find that if you give children some responsibility they behave brilliantly.  As you can see by the photos the Birthday child gets to hold as many snakes as possible for a photo at the end, I usually bring 8 snakes.  The children learn so much about snakes this way at the same time they have lots of fun because snakes are fun we’re continually breaking down the misconceptions this way.

Birthday boy with all the snakes

Fun with Cornsnakes

The Birthday boy holds lots of snakes for a memorable photo

Children Learning about Snakes

Another childs snake poem

Do not be frightened of the snake
Though it is easy to mistake
This lovely creature for a villain
And run away or try to kill him

He really is quite shy you know
And hides away until you go
He’ll slither very quickly past
Hissing softly in the grass

Don’t hunt him for his lovely skin
And make a handbag out of him
He’s one of Gods’small creatures too
He has a right to be,like you
The snake has beauty,colour and grace
And in this world he has his place

Ophidiaphobia – Fear of Snakes – why suffer?

Free yourself and come to Snakey Sue’s Serpent Sanctuary to get over your fear in a caring environment.
Unbeknown to many people, snakes are extremely therapeutic, calming and trusting – they prove it all the time when we entertain and educate “Special Needs” with them; we call it snake therapy. A large snake can also give a brilliant massage 🙂

Clacton Footy Club

We’ll be there Saturday 28th July with lots of snakes and hope to get lots of brilliant photos to upload to the site 🙂